InPsych Psychological & Counselling Services
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InPsych, pronounce as insight(k), a psychological centre which provides comprehensive psychological services that targets prevention, treatment and restoration of psychological and general well-being. Services including counselling, psychotherapy, assessment, training and continuity of care.

InPsych provides services that enhances psychological well-being and facilitate personal growth of individuals. As humans, we are faced with everyday problems, from work to relationship to meeting daily living demands. Hence, we inevitably experienced stress everyday through the multiple roles that we play such as a parent, a sibling, a friend, a co-worker, a partner (and the list goes on..).

At InPsych, we are here to help you understand your problems and to gain strengths and resources to manage it. These services are provided through psychological assessment, counselling, psychotherapy, trainings, and workshops. Our team of professionals comprises of Clinical Psychologist and Counsellor from diverse background and experiences with one aim to facilitate personal growth.